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Types Of Moving Blankets To Consider

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If you are planning a move and have a lot of furniture items that you need to move from one location to another, then it may be in your best interest to find ways to make sure that the items are not scuffed or marred in the process. This is one reason why moving companies typically use moving blankets. You can use these same blankets, and you can even rent them from your local mover or from a nearby home supply store. There are a few different types of blankets you can invest in, so keep reading to learn about a few.

Polyester Moving Blankets

Many moving blankets that you come across will be made from polyester materials. Polyester has the advantage of being extremely durable, so it is best used on sharp edges, like around table corners and bookshelves. 

The polyester blankets come in both woven and non-woven varieties. The non-woven ones will keep furniture items from ripping through the fabric and creating bigger tears. This is possible due to the zigzag pattern or felted quality of the material. The blankets are usually thinner than other varieties, and they are considered an inexpensive choice. So if you have tons of furniture to cover, but do not have expensive items, then the non-woven blankets are the way to go.

There are woven blankets as well that have weave within the polyester. This helps to prevent rips and tears for a more durable surface. Durability is ideal if your objects are quite heavy or bulky. Keep in mind that the woven blankets will often cost more to rent since they are more of a heavy-duty product. 

Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets are also common and a good choice for a move. These blankets are much softer than polyester ones and can be used to offer protection and a cushioned surface. Cotton blankets are also thicker, and some even come with a padded middle section. Most of the padded varieties are quilted, while the single-ply options are woven.

Cotton blankets are often considered premium moving blankets, with a high price tag to match. They are sometimes called professional quality as well and are best for high-value items and ones with a sentimental value. They are also ideal if items are placed close together in a moving truck and need some cushion between them. 

Cotton blankets, like the woven polyesters varieties, have a greater resistance to tearing, so you may want to use them for heavier furniture pieces too.