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Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Move

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If you're not lucky enough to have your move paid for by your employer, then you're probably looking for ways to save money on moving expenses. Moving costs add up quickly if you book a full-service move and let the moving company pack your things and do all the work. By doing much of the work yourself, you can save some money. Here are tips for a more economical move. 

Look For Free Boxes

Moving boxes are the best for moving since they have a uniform shape and are made for stacking. However, you can eliminate the expense of buying boxes if you can find boxes for free. That doesn't mean you have to raid the dumpster behind the grocery store. Instead, look online for ad sites and groups where local people sell things and give things away for free. Post a notice you're looking for free moving boxers and watch for posts from people who have moving boxes they want to get rid of if you just pick them up. If you start searching for moving boxes months in advance of your move, you may find all that you need without having to spend money on boxes.

Have Preparations Complete When Movers Arrive

Do your own packing and dismantling of furniture and have all your belongings stacked and ready to go when the moving truck arrives. If the movers have to wait for you to finish packing, the wasted time will probably be tacked onto your bill. Also, be at your new home to get it ready before the movers start unloading. Arrange space for the truck and clear a way for the movers to work. Having a place to park and a clear path to the door ready and waiting will cut down on wasted time.

You'll also want to eliminate last-minute surprises by letting the movers know what they will encounter at your new home. If it's an upstairs apartment or if the movers will have to carry your belongings a long way to get to your new house, then this needs to be known in advance so that it can be factored into the quote rather than being added on when you least expect it.

Book Your Moving Truck For A Slow Time

Moving unexpectedly usually costs more because you don't have time to plan and prepare. If you know that you'll be moving at a certain time a few months in advance, take advantage of this knowledge by booking the mover on a date when rates are lower. If you move during peak times, you'll probably pay more for the move. Try to book your move for the middle of the week and away from holidays and the busy summer moving season. Booking your move during the slow time for movers may get you a lower rate, but you'll probably need to book your moving truck and team early to get the best range of dates available.