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3 Ways To Keep Things Green When You Move

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If keeping things green matters to you in your day-to-day life, with a little planning, you can keep your move green as well.

Use Reusable Moving Boxes

Thousands of people move every day. Each of those moves does not require one to use new boxes for the move. As you plan your move, look for a moving service that offers reusable moving boxes that you can rent. If you have never purchased moving boxes before, they can be expensive. The cost of moving boxes can really add-up, so paying a small fee to rent boxes for your move can save you money and allow you to reduce the typical amount of cardboard waste that is created during a move. Additionally, when your move is complete, you don't have to break down and recycle all the boxes, you just have to have the moving service pick up the boxes and take them back.

Use Your Linens for Padding

When it comes to padding, you don't need to use lots of bubble wrap and Styrofoam to keep your belongings safe. Just turn to the linens that you already have. You can use your towels, pillows, blankets and sheets to wrap up items that need to be kept safe. You can wrap up your picture frames in your hand towels, and wrap up bigger items, such as lamps, with sheets or blankets. Use the items you already have in your home to keep your belongings safe.

Save Up Paper Products

Your own linens may not provide you with all the padding you need, especially for all the items in your kitchen. In the months prior to your move, start savings up paper products and cardboard that you can use for your packing purposes. You can use crumpled up paper to wrap up items in your kitchen and keep them save while you are moving the items. You can use cardboard to fill in space around items. When you finish your move, you can just recycle all these paper products at your local recycling center. You are just delaying the recycling process for a little bit.

Purchase Green Supplies

When you do need to purchase packing material, invest in green materials. They may cost a little more, but they are more friendly to the environment. Use recycled packing paper or purchase some packing peanuts hat are made with biodegradable corn instead of with Styrofoam. Invest in eco-friendly storage products if you need to purchase some packing materials.

You can make your next move a green move by renting boxes, purchasing eco-friendly supplies and using paper products and linens for padding. Speak with local movers for more help.