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Are You Moving In With Your Sister After Your Divorce? 3 Tips To Organize An Out-Of-State Move

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A fresh start is exactly what you need now that your divorce is finalized, and living with your sister again as an adult gives you an immediate source of support that helps you start the process of rebuilding your life. Yet, you've also been through a lot over the past several months, and you may still be dealing with issues that make it hard to think clearly through each step of your move. As you get ready to make yet another giant change in life, you can use these tips to stay organized during your move to a new state.

Start Exploring Your New Community

Your first step toward having a successful move is to start planning for the future. If you've only visited your sister a few times, then go online to check out resources that help you learn more about your new community. For instance, you may need to find potential places to seek employment, or you may enjoy the reassurance of knowing that you can continue to participate in your favorite fitness program. As you explore your new community, be sure to also find out more about your accommodations at your sister's home so that you can plan for which items to bring and which ones need to be purged.

Put Together a Moving Checklist

Moving to a new state means that you may need to end your lease or sell your home. You may also need to do things such as stop utility services or transfer them to your sister's house if they will still be your responsibility. Sit down and write a basic moving checklist to follow so that you don't forget a thing. Be sure to keep it flexible enough that you can add new items as they come to your attention. For example, you may need to arrange for a moving estimate or transfer your children's school records as the moving date gets closer.

Delegate the Difficult Tasks

You've got a lot on your plate, and moving is stressful. However, there are resources available that can help you to manage the heavy work involved with moving your belongings to a new location. For instance, you may need to arrange for a final clean of your old home before you close the door for the last time. Long distance moving companies can also alleviate your worries about having to drive a huge truck for so many miles. Relying on the support of others right now allows you to free your mind to focus on the tasks that only you can do.

While you might not have ever imagined that you'd move to a different state, there is hope for the future when you consider the possibilities that exist in a new location. Now that you are finally free from the difficulty of getting a divorce, you can plan and execute a move that allows you the chance to improve your life situation.