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4 Things You Need To Know About Moving A Gun Safe

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Gun safes are often large and heavy, so they are not easy to move. When moving a gun safe, you want to take particular precautions with the movement of the safe.

Lighten Up the Safe

The safe itself is already heavy enough. Take out any unnecessary items from the safe. If you are using a moving company to help move the safe, they may ask you to take the ammunition out of the safe and place it in a separate, secure box as well. If you are storing other items inside the safe that are on the heavy side, take them out and store them somewhere else.

Clear the Pathway

Don't start moving the safe just yet -- first, make sure you have a specific pathway in mind that you plan on taking. Since you will be using a dolly or other tool to transport the safe and may have people on both sides of the safe to keep it stable, the walkway needs to be larger than the safe itself. You are going to want to clear walkway, leaving enough room for the safe, and preferably one foot on each side of the safe as well. This will give your moving team room to navigate and space to keep the safe from getting damaged or causing damage to your home.

Protect the Pathway

If the safe were to rock or come off the dolly, it could cause some serious dents or scratches. Protect your home by covering up the walls and door openings where the safe will pass through. This is especially true for any area that is naturally small and narrow and doesn't leave a lot of room to get the safe through. Covering up the walls and doorways can help prevent damage as you are moving the safe around your home.

Create a Ramp

If there are any steps within your home, or leading in or out of your home, you are going to want to create a temporary ramp. Luckily, it is relatively easy to create a temporary ramp -- all you have to do is put down a plank of wood that is long enough to act as a ramp. This will make it easier to move the heavy safe down the stairs and will allow you to keep up your momentum as you move the safe out of your home.

Don't Rush

Don't rush the process of taking out the safe. A large safe can be extremely heavy and could really hurt someone if it were to fall over. That is why you should take your time with moving the safe, to ensure the safety of those moving the safe and the safety of everyone helping with the project.

When moving a safe, remove as many items as possible from the safe that add weight. Clear the pathway and protect vulnerable points along the pathway. Create ramps to help you navigate any steps and take things slowly so nothing or no one gets hurt. You can contact your local gun safe moving services for more information.